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Premium OCB Rolling Papers at The Funky Skunk

The Funky Skunk, where we pride ourselves on offering an exclusive selection of OCB rolling papers. Renowned for their quality and finesse, our OCB range is tailored to enhance your smoking experience. From the ultra-thin OCB Slim Rolls to the versatile OCB Skins, each product is designed for the smoker who values quality and precision.

  • Premium OCB Skins: Experience the best with our OCB skins, known for their thinness and even burn.
  • OCB Rolls Slim: Perfect for those who prefer a slimmer roll without compromising on quality.
  • OCB Slim Rolls: Combining thinness and length for a prolonged, enjoyable smoking experience.
  • Variety of OCB Rolls: A comprehensive range to suit all preferences, from King Size Slim to unique flavours and textures.

Product List

OCB Premium King Size Slim Rolling Papers: Lightweight, slow-burning, and ultra-thin for a refined experience.
OCB Black Premium (King Size Slim): Features a distinctive black packaging and silver holographic labelling, setting it apart in quality and style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our OCB Products

What makes OCB rolling papers different from other brands?

OCB rolling papers are renowned for their ultra-thin design and slow-burning quality, providing a smoother and longer-lasting smoking experience. Our range includes organic options and various sizes to cater to all preferences.

Are OCB rolling papers environmentally friendly?

Yes, we offer OCB Organic Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers made from watermarked pure flax paper and natural Arabic gum, ensuring an eco-friendly and organic smoking experience.

What types of OCB rolling papers do you offer?

Our selection includes OCB Premium King Size Slim, OCB Black Premium (King Size Slim), OCB Organic Kingsize Slim, and OCB Premium Slim Rolls - 4M, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Can I buy OCB rolling papers in bulk from The Funky Skunk?

Absolutely! We offer the convenience of purchasing OCB rolling papers in bulk, ensuring you always have your favourite rolling papers on hand.

How does the quality of OCB rolls compare to other brands?

OCB rolls are known for their quality, featuring a thin, lightweight design that burns slowly and evenly. They stand out for their consistent performance and quality materials.

Do you offer any flavoured OCB rolling papers?

While our primary focus is on traditional OCB rolling papers, keep an eye on our collection as we frequently update our stock with new and exciting products, including flavoured options.

How can I choose the right OCB rolling paper for my needs?

Consider the size and thickness you prefer for your smoking experience. Our website provides detailed descriptions to help you make an informed choice. Feel free to contact us for personalised recommendations.

Is there a difference between OCB Slim Rolls and King Size Slim?

Yes, OCB Slim Rolls are designed for custom length, offering flexibility, while King Size Slim papers are pre-cut, providing convenience and uniformity in size.

Are there any special offers on OCB products at The Funky Skunk?

We often run promotions and special offers. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest deals