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  1. WHIP IT! Ion Lite Butane Torch Black/Yellow
    Special Price €25.00 was €30.00
  2. WHIP IT! Ion Lite Butane Torch White
    Special Price €25.00 was €30.00
  3. WHIP IT! Ion Lite Butane Torch Pink
    Special Price €25.00 was €30.00
  4. WHIP IT! Ion Lite Butane Torch Red
    Special Price €25.00 was €30.00
  5. WHIP IT! Ion Lite Butane Torch Blue
    Special Price €25.00 was €30.00
  6. WHIP IT! Ion Lite Butane Torch Black/White
    Special Price €25.00 was €30.00
  7. Special Blue Monster Torch Lighter - 8" Red
    Special Price €30.00 was €40.00
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Explore Range of Cool Lighters and High-Quality Lighter Fluids

The Funky Skunk, your ultimate destination in Ireland for an impressive selection of lighters and lighter fluids. We understand the importance of a reliable lighter for your smoking and lifestyle needs. That's why we've curated a collection that not only stands out in functionality but also in style. From the iconic Clipper lighters to a variety of specialty designs, we ensure every customer finds exactly what they're looking for.

  • Extensive Variety: Choose from a wide range of lighters, including Clipper lighters, electronic jets, and specialty designs.
  • Premium Quality Lighter Fluid: We offer high-grade lighter fluid suitable for all types of lighters, ensuring a long-lasting and efficient flame.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Our selection includes eco-friendly and refillable lighters, aligning with sustainable practices.
  • Unique Designs: From vibrant graphics to sleek finishes, our lighters are perfect for expressing your style.
  • Competitive Pricing: Find the best deals in Ireland for quality lighters and fluids, with options for every budget.

Product List

Clipper Classics:A staple in the smoking community, our Clipper Classics are known for their reliability and distinctive designs. Perfect for everyday use, these lighters come in a variety of patterns and colours.

Jet Flame Lighters:For those requiring precision and a strong flame, our jet flame lighters are the ideal choice. They work efficiently in different conditions and are perfect for lighting bongs, pipes, and cigars.

Ignite Your Experience with The Funky Skunk

Are you ready to elevate your smoking accessories collection? Look no further! Our exceptional range of lighters and fluids is meticulously curated to meet every need and style. From the iconic Clipper classics to our eco-friendly, refillable options, we've got you covered.

Embrace Quality, Style, and Sustainability!

Browse Our Collection: Dive into our diverse range and find the perfect lighter that speaks to your style.

Go Green: Make a sustainable choice with our eco-friendly and refillable lighters.

Become a Collector: Discover our exclusive, limited edition lighters that are perfect for collectors and enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of lighters are available at The Funky Skunk?

At The Funky Skunk, we offer a wide variety of lighters to suit different needs and preferences. Our range includes Clipper classic lighters, electronic jet flame lighters, refillable eco-friendly options, and specialty collectible lighters.

Are your lighters refillable and eco-friendly?

Yes, we have a selection of eco-friendly, refillable lighters. These lighters are a sustainable choice, reducing waste and providing a long-lasting alternative to disposable lighters.

Do you offer lighter fluid for all types of lighters?

Absolutely! We provide high-quality lighter fluids that are compatible with a wide range of lighters. Our fluids ensure efficient and clean burning, extending the life of your lighter.

Can I find collectible or limited edition lighters at The Funky Skunk?

Yes, we pride ourselves on offering unique and limited edition lighters for collectors and enthusiasts. These specialty items are perfect for those looking for something truly unique in their collection.

How do I choose the right lighter for me?

Consider what you'll be using the lighter for. If you need precision, like for lighting pipes or bongs, a jet flame lighter might be ideal. For everyday use, a classic Clipper or an eco-friendly refillable lighter would be great choices. For style and collectability, explore our specialty lighters.

Are the lighters at The Funky Skunk suitable for gifts?

Definitely! Our diverse range of lighters, with their unique designs and functionalities, makes them perfect gifts for friends, family, or any smoking accessories enthusiast.

How do I maintain and refill my lighter?

To maintain your lighter, keep it clean and refill it with the appropriate lighter fluid as needed. For refillable lighters, ensure to use the correct type of fluid and follow the manufacturer's instructions for refilling.

Is it legal to purchase lighters and lighter fluids online in Ireland?

Yes, it is legal to purchase lighters and lighter fluids online in Ireland. We adhere to all regulations to ensure a safe and legal purchase experience for our customers.

How long will the lighter fluid last?

The longevity of lighter fluid depends on the frequency of use and the type of lighter. Our high-quality fluids are designed for efficiency, offering a longer-lasting experience.

Can I return or exchange a lighter if I'm not satisfied?

At The Funky Skunk, customer satisfaction is our priority. Please refer to our return and exchange policy for details on how to proceed if you're not satisfied with your purchase.