riot digital mini scales 100gx0.01g

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Truweigh is a leader in the scale industry, with a wide range in scales for every market, we have a pocket scale to fit every need. The RIOT 100g x 0.01g is known for accuracy making this a top of the line scale. All Truweigh scales come with a 10 year limited warranty protecting your purchase. The RIOT digital mini scale features an ultra compact design with exceptional reliability. The raised stainless steel platform makes this a great addition to your work space. The black rubberized cover keeps the scale protected while not in use and also functions as an expansion tray, giving you room to weigh a number of items. The pink, back-lit LCD features large digits and a stability indicator for professional results.

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Our Truweigh RIOT travel food scale ships to you pre-calibrated but we suggest purchasing one of our 100g calibration weights to keep your measurements accurate over time. The entire outside of the coffee scale features a rubberized coating to prevent fingerprint and smudge marks on the outside of the scale for packages. The RIOT digital gram scale is the perfect addition to any DIY craft station, soap making supplies, or your candle making kit! The Truweigh RIOT baking scale has a max capacity of 100g and a readability of 0.01g making this a great beginner scale for basics needs. It also comes with our in-depth instruction manual to make sure you utilize all features that come with our Truweigh RIOT herb scale. With two weighing platforms, stainless steal or the rubberized case, use either option that fits your weighing needs. Truweigh included two AAA batteries, making our jewelry scale ready to use as soon as you receive it. The Truweigh RIOT digital weight scale crosses over as the most versatile counter top scale on the market. It can be used as a scale for packages, reloading equipment, soap making supplies, scale for food, travel scale, resin scale for DIY projects, meat scale, gold scale, and so much more. With impeccable accuracy trust in Truweigh to help make sure your next meal or at home DIY project is finished with precision and accuracy

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